Who we are

Traverse Music Management aims to nurture and guide the professional careers of artists in the entertainment industry. Steve and Teresa deliver the best in management and performance booking to help artists bring their craft to venues across North America. Our ambition is to unite and bring people together and to enrich the quality of lives through art and music. We offer a variety of services for musical acts that are ready for the next stage of their careers. Get in touch and see if we are right for you.


steve kenny

Steve Kenny is the management multi-tool artists need to keep the entertainment in entertaining. With experience on stages, at soundboards, and behind management desks, he brings in-depth industry knowledge and a comprehensive set of skills to cover every aspect of artist and tour management, booking, and publicity for professional musical acts. 

He holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Wilfred Laurier University) and is the current president of the board of directors for the Georgian Bay Folk Society.



Teresa nelson

Teresa Nelson is the dedicated, thorough, and ingenious support that artists need. With a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film (University of Winnipeg), Certificate in Arts & Entertainment Management (Capilano University), and a growing roster of dedicated performers under her wing, Teresa's credentials are almost as impressive as her reputation for organization, efficiency, and professionalism that she's already cultivated at conferences, festivals and agencies across Canada. Whether she's overseeing the daily administrative realities of an artist's life or nurturing their fledging career, Teresa smooths out the behind the scenes process so artists can shine in the spotlight.

Teresa is also a member of the BC Touring Council's board of directors.


Services include: 

Project Planning  •  Consulting  •  Tour Management

Artist Development   •  Budgeting  •  Event Planning  •  Marketing

Grant Application Assistance  •  Branding  •  Social Media

Arts Administration

It is with great pleasure that I provide a quote about Teresa Nelson. In the short time that I’ve known her I have been constantly impressed by her work ethic, her ingenuity, her professionalism and her dedication to arts management. She is incredibly organized, efficient, smart, and has become an asset and a valued member of my agency. Teresa has helped immensely to reach and surpass my goals, and has been instrumental in running my business. I have also seen firsthand how she has nurtured and helped launch the careers of the artists on her own roster. I know that both myself and the artists she manages, are lucky to have her in our corner.
— Tom Landa of Cubbyhole Artists // Paperboys
Steve Kenny has been my manager for 3 years now and he’s the best manager I’ve ever had. He is totally comfortable with thinking and working outside the box. He’s able to handle small details when needed and is always there when fires need to be put out, but much more importantly he sees the big picture and is always looking ahead. I always know he has my back and that my songs and the spirit of my project are safe in his hands. I would basically be lost without Steve. I often refer to him as the other half of my brain, the more organized and efficient half! I have also been known to call him a Swiss army knife, as his skill set is quite varied and he’s often able to take on pretty much any task and tackle it with precision and passion. He is steady, dependable, trustworthy, creative, hardworking, whip smart, and fun, and here’s the best part, it feels like we are working together. We are two players on the same team. Whenever I get a home run I always know, it wasn’t just my swing, it was also his pitch.

Steve gets things done. I dream up the things I want to do and then, because of Steve I actually get to do many of them!
— Coco Love Alcorn - Artist

Traverse Music Management is proud to be a member of the BC Touring CouncilFolk Alliance International and Folk Music Ontario.